Saturday, October 30, 2010

Showa Product

Brake Fluid Description Content

Showa Brake Fluid
  • Has a high boiling point ability which could reduce vapour locking phenomenal
  • Has superb heat resistance and able to maintain its fluidity under any weather condition to make the brake system functions smoothly
  • Have additives to prevent metal and rubber parts from deterioration and oxidation in order that brake system will function safely
  • Superb in water resistance such as mixture of water vapour in order to reduce vapour locking phenomenal
0.5 Lit, 1 Lit

Long Life Coolant Description Content
Showa Long Life Coolant
  • Amine free which has superb anti-rust and anti-corrosion for copper, aluminium, cast iron and all other metals in the cooling system. This will prevent clogging at radiator that causes over-heating problems
  • Has superb lubricating ability that prevents the water pump's seal from frictional wear which leads to liquid leakage
  • In the cooling system, there are also non-metal substances such as rubber hose, seals whereby Showa Long Life Coolant also protects
0.5 Lit, 1 Lit

Eneos Product

Motor Oil Description Content

Touring Asia (Mineral)
  • Multigrade oil for better fuel economy
  • Will benefit smaller cars
  • Easy start up
  • Grade Viscosity - SL/CF 10W-30

3 Lit

Super Asia (Mineral)
  • Multigrade oil for more economical driving
  • Higher viscosity for reliable performance
  • Extra protection on engine's valve, bearing and crankshaft
  • Grade Viscosity - SJ/CF 20W-50

4 Lit

Touring Asia (Mineral)
  • Multigrade oil for better fuel economy
  • Protection for all multi-valve engines (especially recommended for new cars)
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Grade Viscosity - SL/CF 15W-40

4 Lit

Molybdenum Asia (Synthetic Blended)
  • Blended with molybdenum friction reducers for low fuel cnsumption
  • Superb quietness and enhanced acceleration
  • Versatile high-performance oil for all types of engines
  • Grade Viscosity - SL/CF 10W-40

4 Lit

Eco Touring (Synthetic Blended)
  • Ultra low fuel consumption
  • Superb quietness and maximum friction protection
  • Highest level of performance for gasoline engines
  • Suitable for all high-performance engines, from the latest fuel-saving and VariableValve Timing engines to high-output models including turbocharged vehicles
  • Especially good performance with new Japenese vehicles
  • Grade Viscosity - SL/CF 5W-30

1 Lit, 4 Lit

Pro-Racing Asia   (Synthetic)
  • Ultra wide-range 5W-50 gradefor outstanding performance from the lowest to the highest temperatures
  • Ideal for sports cars with large displacements and output
  • Grade Viscosity - SL/CF 5W-50

4 Lit


Pro-Racing Asia (Synthetic)
  • Made from 100% synthetic oil, it has an ultra wide 0W-50 viscosity range that ensures superb starting performance
  • Outstanding high-temperature oxidation stability and coking resistance
  • Superior drive-train wear resistance and excellent cleanliness
  • Meets latest API standard

1 Lit, 4 Lit

Gear Oil Description Content

Gear Oil (Touring Asia)
  • Blended with outstanding friction modifiers for more comfortable shift feeling
  • Ideal for all manual transmission cars, from high-performance vehicles to compact passenger cars
  • Grade Viscosity - GL-5 85W-90

4 Lit

ATF Description Content

ATF Multi Asia
  • Versatile fluid compatible with both regular automatic transmissions and slip lock-up transmissions
  • Smoother transmission operation for more comfortable driving

1 Lit

Motorcycle Description Content


  • Outstanding lubrication prevents wear and seizures on engine parts
  • Special additive blend for superb cleanliness. Keeps the engine parts, exhaust tubes and muffler very clean
  • Ultra low smoke
  • Grade Viscosity - FC

0.7 Lit


  • Special additive blend to protect engine and gear
  • Provides smooth positive wet clutch performance
  • Grade Viscosity - SJ20W-40 SJ (MA)

0.8 Lit

CVT Fluid Description Content

CVT Fluid
  • From a well-balanced blend of metallic detergents, ashless dispersants, extreme-pressure agents, friction modifiers, and other additives, it prevents wear at the metal-metal contact points on the belts and pulleys.
  • Compatible with All Types of Automobiles with Metal-Belt CVTs
  • Superior performance in every area required of transmission fluid